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In Arthur's Shadow : Daily Musings on Exercise: A

Gary F Bannister Ba Bpe Med,: In Arthur's Shadow : Daily Musings on Exercise: A Tribute Tonautilus Inventorarthur Jones

In Arthur's Shadow : Daily Musings on Exercise: A Tribute Tonautilus Inventorarthur Jones


Arthur Jones forever changed exercise and rehabilitative medicine. He hit audiences like a sledgehammer. Few escaped unscathed. Everything of value related to exercise can be stated in less than a thousand words, can, in fact, be fairly well covered in a few words, as follows: Train hard, train briefly, train infrequently. If and when the government ever takes any meaningful steps in the direction of sanity, which I doubt, it could come to pass that all cases of lower-back pain will be treated first with MedX machines, that any other treatment will be prohibited until and unless MedX treatment has been tried and has failed. A simple federal law to that effect would save the people in this country a minimum of $80,000,000,000.00 a year. One advanced bodybuilder asked me as I was trying to explain the machine to him ... Do you have to be a genius to use the machine? And I told him ... No, but it helps if you are not an idiot. The next time somebody suggests that you move suddenly during any form of either exercise or testing, smile and walk away, because you are talking to a fool. And do not overlook the fact that a very long list of fools have large muscles, and another long list of fools have all sorts of academic credentials. Bodybuilding is 100% nutrition - but only if you don t eat. Just try going without food for a week and see what happens to your body. If I ever produced only a 25% gain in strength from a 12-week program (as with the average research study), I would probably go insane and kill all of the subjects. Fifty years from now, when all the research is in, every company in the field of muscle testing will test the way we do (statically), because there is no other way. You have a choice: you can exercise a lot, or you can train hard, but you cannot do both. .In the case of exercise, more is seldom the solution and is frequently the problem. Many weight trainees are medical doctors or members of other professional groups who should have the educational background to at least understand basic physiology - but who, in practice, still seem to unhesitatingly accept the outright stupidities recommended by muscle-heads who aren't even literate. It is easily possible to move too fast during exercise, but probably impossible to move too slowly; that says it all, everything that needs to be said."

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Author: Gary F Bannister Ba Bpe Med,
Number of Pages: 636 pages
Published Date: 28 Feb 2008
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Country: Lincoln, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780595489152
Download Link: Click Here

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