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[FREE] The Yoga of Truth : Jnana: The Ancient Path

Peter Marchand,: The Yoga of Truth : Jnana: The Ancient Path of Silent Knowledge

The Yoga of Truth : Jnana: The Ancient Path of Silent Knowledge


A guide to Jnana Yoga--the Way of Silent Knowledge--by direct contemplation of the Unchangeable - Shows that everything in one's body, personality, thoughts, memories, and experiences has form and is changeable and, thus, is neither essential nor eternal - Identifies the witnessing consciousness within--all that remains when the ephemeral is eliminated--as the real Self, the one and only unchanging eternal Being In "The Yoga of Truth," Peter Marchand, through a series of deceptively simple introspective questions, leads the seeker into discarding everything--body, personality, thoughts, memories, experiences--that disguises the ego's relentless masquerade as the Self. This form of contemplation, with its constant commitment to witnessing without attachment, disempowers the ego's fixation on its products, leading instead to the realization that the witnessing consciousness is, in fact, the one immutable Being within or without--the real Self, the true You. The universal illusion rests upon space and time, body and elements, the life force, mind, intellect, ego, and Self. Jnana Yoga reveals not only the insubstantial and illusory nature of our presumptions but also our habitual commitment to the illusion of being an individual that they create. This illusion collapses like a house of cards before direct inspection. When something has form, when it can change, it cannot be the eternal with which we seek union. Witnessing consciousness stands alone as that which is without form. In "The Yoga of Truth," Marchand leads us simply, and compellingly, to the truth of our nature and the peaceful bliss of true Being.

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Author: Peter Marchand,
Number of Pages: 148 pages
Published Date: 29 Jun 2007
Publisher: Destiny Books
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781594771651
Download Link: Click Here

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